Story Behind Hument  

 Hument has established in 2006 by Mohamed Mongy the current director of the company in Egypt.

 Hument engaged in the development of individuals and institutions through the provision of consulting, applications and Learning solutions in the areas of development and management of Human Capital.

Hument believes that the success of any individual, the extent of progress achieved in life, and achieve your own meaning of happiness lies in the employment or placement of potential and talents in the right direction. And that, inhibition of these potential or energies or not to employ them, is the biggest causes of suffering in the people’s lives.

Hument also believes that there are opportunities available for every talent and potential and believes in the principle of complementarily between talents of individuals and the society’s need to. Based on this vision Hument helps individuals to discover their abilities, potentials, and talents by means of advanced assessments and directs them to the correct path for developing these potentials, employ and take advantage of them. Hument answers the pressing question of

” what is an appropriate career path? And how to catch up and proceed with?”

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